Your benefit is our starting point


We help clients from all over the world from our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We are a bilingual (Spanish – English) boutique marketing agency that specializes in using digital channels to increase the sales and exposure of businesses like yours. Your potential customers are online and they want to know what Is Trending Now. Use this to your advantage.

Our team of digital heroes is specially trained and well-structured for the growth of your business in today’s digital world.


We will help generate excitement and interest in your business by showcasing your best attributes to millions of people using digital channels.

We develop communication, branding, and digital advertising strategies that transcend and bring your business closer to your potential customers.

You tell us what your goals are and we help you achieve them. Our digital strategies are customized to fit your budget. Get more for your money.

Meet our founder

Hello, I am Esthefany. 

I was born and raised in Colombia. I have worked and lived in different countries such as South Korea, Panama, and the Czech Republic. Doing this allowed me to learn about public relations and marketing in different cultures. After some years of traveling around the world, I decided to settle down in South Florida where I established my company,
Is Trending Now.

I have a Master’s Degree in Business including a specialization in marketing. Over the past few years, my desire to learn more about digital marketing and social media has kept me busy. During this time, I’ve obtained different certifications to help me offer the best to my customers.

What I enjoy most about my business is leading a great team of creative experts while understanding my client’s needs and then bringing everything together to provide a service that I’m proud of.

My mission is to transform the online presence of my clients with memorable content that is impactful and sells!

It’s a pleasure to share our knowledge and grow our businesses together.