Technology among Social Media trends in 2020.


Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and Chatbots are the best friends of the Marketing, Sales and Community Management departments. These new technologies enable the ability to optimize marketing campaigns and automate a multitude of tasks, manage data effectively and improve the user experience. 

Artificial intelligence oriented to the user.

According to a study by Hootsuite, the growth of the chats has exceeded expectations. This year, more than 85% of customer service interactions will be driven by AI robots.

Augmented reality and virtual reality.

Augmented reality and virtual reality will become key elements in the marketing of the future. The arrival of 5G seems to indicate the moment when what seemed like science fiction concepts will become something tangible and in everyday use. The 3D glasses will be the first to implement this technology.

For marketing professionals it will be worth being a pioneer in this sector.

Voice search marketing . 

Voice searches continue to grow exponentially and Google has announced its plans to make visual content more useful and appropriate to user voice searches. Some analysts even conclude that about 50% of searches will be performed by voice in 2020. 

For this reason, marketers must prepare and produce different types of content for the public, thinking about how they will look for it.

Video will continue to be a trend in 2020. 

Video will be stronger in the coming years, and will continue to be one of the main Social Media trends in 2020. YouTube, which continues to be the reference platform for the consumption of audiovisual content, does not stop growing. Chance? No. Experts estimate that 80% of what we consume online will soon be video content.

But why now and not before? It’s true, that video has always been an attractive format for users.  However, if we consider the quality of the media just a few years ago, the level of production of a video was much more expensive.  These days, anyone with a smartphone  can upload quality content.

Ephemeral content and User-Generated content.

Not only audiovisual content trending, but there seems to be a special appeal for the type of content that disappears after a certain time.  This is called ephemeral content.  According to Entrepreneur, 200 million Instagram users use stories every month and have become an essential tool for any social media marketing strategy.

Following this type of new use of social networks, the consumption of ephemeral content, an increase in Social eCommerce is estimated.  Many companies are taking advantage of this trend on social platforms, especially Instagram, to sell their products directly through the application.

The cult of celebrity influencers is disappearing, and user-generated content (ordinary people) is overtaking.  It is anticipated that this will be one of the main Social Media trends in 2020.  Users do not only buy products, but want to see experiences that are associated with them.  If you create a community your audience falls in love with, you will attract more users.

A study by Hootsuite states that 64% of digital professionals use these types of strategies in their campaigns.

TikTok and other social networks niche.

Niche social networks are gaining importance, as they offer communities with common aspects and personalization, which attracts new users.

Niches can provide more relevant and less generic content, while promoting greater closeness between users and audiences and brands. TikTok is the new “trending” social network, getting closer and closer to Instagram with some 750 million estimated users.

The Social Commerce.

• Instagram: No doubt it will be a necessity as the year progresses. More and more questions come to us about how Instagram Shopping is installed. We really wanted to buy on these channels!

• Facebook: In parallel to Instagram, the store on Facebook is adding followers. Online stores know that it is a great ally for the sale of their products.

• Pinterest: We can’t forget it. If your target and your theme fit with the Pinterest user profile and you also have an eCommerce, consider it in your strategy. 

• LinkedIn: Social Selling and Employer Branding are two sales models that companies have more in mind and are already aware of their relevance to sales, in a B2B model.

The operation of electronic commerce has changed a lot since social networks became a sales channel. Not only indirectly thanks to influencers, but explicitly, thanks to features such as the one offered by Instagram.  The ability to link products directly in the photos for purchase.

Other networks such as Facebook or Pinterest also have features of e-commerce: purchase buttons, links and call to action, which will favor social purchases in 2020.

These platforms also favor the visibility of small brands, which use influencers to make themselves known.  One more way to facilitate access to a social community full of potential buyers.

Premium customization. 

Everyone unknowingly generates large amounts of data while browsing the internet or social networks.  Companies take advantage of this to customize each offer in detail.

This constant generation of data allows them to know exactly how often their brand is mentioned by users.  This helps to manage more effectively, customer service and the reputation of the brand.   Without a doubt, this trend will show the most growth this year.

Social networks also evolve, and make them hand in hand with these intelligent developments. Today there are already many companies that are able to connect customer conversations through the web with social networks, which is all personalized and automated.

Other ways to personalize your content on social networks.

Strategies such as “local targeting” will gain strength since they are very effective in attracting clients from the business area.  It also seems that prioritizing the quality of the messages instead of quantity in the campaigns will be increasingly effective, to communicate the content that is more relevant to your audience.  Especially in the cases of users who are cutting the amount of time they spend on the networks.  Finally, use social networks to provide customer service is one more of the great Social Media trends in 2020.

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