How to grow on Social Media.


Social Media allow people to connect, interact, share and exchange photos and comments, and in a very short time they have become essential in our day to day.  We can see how millions of people connect and interact daily, and how they explore and even buy using social platforms. 

So, we bring you 5 tips that should not be missing in your strategy to grow on Social Media:

1. Identify where your customers are: The question you should ask yourself is, “Which are the most demanded networks by your clients?” With this, you can decide if what you need is a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, a Pinterest account, a TikTok account, a Twitter user, a Google+ page, a LinkedIn company page or some combination of these and others.

It should be noted that all social networks have different functionalities and are of high impact in the life of any business but you should always be clear which one is the most appropriate. Believe me, choosing networks at random can trigger a wear on budget and, even worse, on time. Initially identify where your customers are and start creating the appropriate social network.

2. What goal do you want to achieve in each social network ?: There are too many social networks, as we mentioned in previous paragraphs, and with all of them you can achieve different objectives.  So before starting to register and post everywhere, you must consider A simple question: What goal do you hope to achieve with the social network you choose?

3. Create community: Even if it seems strange, creating a network community has become as essential as having a web page. It is almost law to succeed on the Internet. In fact, we always recommend thinking about these things: creating community, creating quality followers, following what you say, comment on other accounts and then thinking about selling.

Not the other way around by selling first.  Lean on influencers and other brands that can collaborate on what you are doing.  Be sure they are interested in growing too and this is a widely used strategy.

4. Do not focus on selling: Don’t make the same error of the majority of enterprises that jump to social networks to sell at first impression and, worse, with intrusive advertising. 

Who can buy from you online when nobody knows you? Probably some sales and occasional business will arise, but they will not be the expected ones.  Create community, build credibility and then sell. Remember that the best practices to generate non-intrusive sales is the one already mentioned by gurus and experts in the field of inbound marketing methodology.

5. Be different from the competition: It may sound common, but it still happens on Social Media. It is normal to find businesses that offer nothing different from the competition. The question is why do they continue to do the same? If you can offer more discount than the competition.  If you can offer a different color.  If you can offer free shipping, then just do it.  Do something different and your business will grow faster on Social Media.

Do not forget that to grow on Social Media this year, you must apply each of these steps mentioned above. There are many methods to grow on Social Media but you must apply the mentioned ones above so you will have results in the medium and long term. Remember that if you have any questions you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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