The Importance of Digital Marketing During COVID-19


COVID-19 has marked the end for some businesses and a major hurdle for others. As the pandemic forced most businesses to shut down shop and halt all in-person events, companies in all industries faced unprecedented challenges. 

Digital marketing differentiated businesses that survived from those that perished. The companies that already had strong digital marketing strategies in place have been able to stay afloat and for others it became absolutely necessary to start right now. 

In this post, we will explain just how important digital marketing is for all businesses to survive and rebound from COVID-19. 

The Transition to Digital Started Before the Pandemic 

Digital marketing is not suddenly important, it has been a growing business strategy for years. While many companies still rely on in-person events and word of mouth referrals. Prior to COVID-19, 89% of small businesses invested in digital marketing, and 95% planned to increase their spending on digital marketing in 2019. 

COVID-19 did not spark the importance of digital marketing, it simply demonstrated why this strategy is so critical and exacerbated the transition for many businesses. 

Customers are Online

There has never been a better, more critical time to embrace digital marketing. Right now, more people are working remotely and collaborating online. People are spending more time online consuming media and on smartphones. Digital marketing is the best way to meet people where they are, and keep your brand at the forefront of consumer’s minds. Additionally, digital marketing is not just a temporary solution for these difficult times, it is a long-term strategy that provides lasting value after COVID-19. 

Shifting Event Budgets

COVID-19 forced companies to cancel many of their events. Typically, corporate companies spend 50-60% of their marketing budgets on events. Instead of wasting all of that marketing budget, now is the time to put it to good use with digital marketing. Using that money, you can target the same people that may have attended your events, but for a much lower cost. Since many traditional marketing channels shut down, this is the best time to put more emphasis on digital marketing. 

Get Started with Digital Marketing 

There has never been a better time to embrace digital marketing. Digital marketing is the key  to keeping your business going during and after COVID-19. Whether you are completely new to digital marketing or know you need help strengthening your strategy, we can help. 

Is Trending Now is the best boutique digital marketing agency around, and we are ready to help you with every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Learn more about how we can help your business grow during these difficult times and sign up for a free strategy call HERE

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