Inbound Marketing Methodology


The inbound marketing methodology is a technique  that combines several non-intrusive marketing and advertising strategies as a hook to attract potential customers to any type of business.

 This technique was developed in 2005 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah as an alternative to conventional and intrusive advertising used by media and agencies to sell products. With the arrival of this method, the prospect of attracting customers changed and since then, agencies, companies and all kinds of businesses changed the old conventional structure of getting customers with intrusive advertising to use what is now known as inbound marketing.

The 5 pillars of inbound marketing.

Like any type of strategy, inbound marketing has its own recipe to convert strangers into customers. 

When we talk about inbound marketing we refer to different techniques that serve as a starting point to start using them.  Let’s have a closer look at these points.

Traffic Attraction: Attract as many users as you can to your website with content that is relevant to them. (This content must be very valuable, something worth sharing, reading and telling a friend, because therein lies its true essence).  You can do it through events, public relations, social networks and SEO. The intention is that there is traffic to later seduce the potential customer with your products or services.

Conversion: If we have enough traffic on our website, we will have to convert these visitors into leads, that is, customers who leave us data to build our own database.

Marketing automation: Once we have built our database, we can implement two strategies called “lead scoring” and “lead nurturing” where it basically automates the sending of information relevant to the user and through it convert it into a potential customer.

Loyalty: Inbound marketing is not only focused on attracting customers through valuable content. It has enough weight to turn these clients into true ambassadors of your brand and why not, followers for life. Here you will have to ask them periodically about their satisfaction status and strategies to always keep them happy.

 Analysis: The analysis phase is perhaps the most important step in all types of strategy and inbound marketing is not far behind.  This final face tries to measure what positive / negative impact each strategy had from the acquisition (traffic) to the closing of the business (conversion).

Other inbound objectives:

Increase brand visibility.

Recruitment and traffic to the website.


Form creation.

Design, usability and website traffic.

Punctual content for visitors.

Email marketing campaigns.

Investment in guidelines for dissemination of content.

Is Trending Now is committed to inbound marketing methodology to achieve business, professional and personal goals.

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